Perspectives is an all inclusive speaker event series aiming to enable conversations amongst creative industry peers by drawing together people, posing themes and most importantly, inviting the women involved in our creative industries to share their perspectives.

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Hear from landscape architect Sue Barnsley, founder of The Plant Room Emma McPherson and former principal at Durbach Block Architects and paralegal Lisa Le Van; CONNECT from their perspective.


Thursday 06 June, 8:00am

Darlinghurst Theatre Company
Eternity Playhouse


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Sue Barnsley
Landscape Architect

Sue Barnsley leads a small design studio in Sydney, working across a range of scales and landscape typologies, from private gardens to parks, urban ecological restoration and Olympic infrastructure. Projects acknowledged as artful and regenerative.

Restoring the Waters at Clear Paddock Creek, Commonwealth Place in Canberra, the Brickpit Ring Walk in Sydney Olympic Park and Barcom Park in Darlinghurst, established the reputation of the office alongside a series of smaller gardens.

Prince Alfred Park, in collaboration with Neeson Murcutt Architects, was a project of scale, a collective space at the heart of the city, where we found our voice.

Lisa Le Van
Architect, Paralegal

Lisa was born in Sydney and studied architecture at the University of Sydney. Key influences from that time were tutors Camilla Block, Rick Leplastrier, Brian Zulaikha, Swetik Korzeniewski and Andrew Berges. Lisa commenced work as a student architect with the then Neil Durbach Architects in her second year of university. During that time she was mentored by Neil Durbach, Camilla Block, David Jaggers and Joseph Grech. On graduating from university, she continued to work at the then Durbach Block Architects, becoming an associate and then a practice director.

Additionally, she tutored second year architectural design at UNSW for two years in Ass Prof Maryam Gusheh’s 3 rooms studio. In 2007, she sustained an eye injury which rendered her unable to practice architecture. She therefore completed a Juris Doctor law degree at UNSW, under the mentorship of Prof Andrea Durbach. She is currently working as a paralegal in a state public financial corporation.

Emma McPherson
Founder, The Plant Room

Before launching The Plant Room, Emma spent years studying metaphysics, parapsychology and Gestalt Therapy. Her dedication and passion for growth lead to Vedic meditation, the ground in which The Plant Room emerged from. Emma wanted to provide a space that celebrates the spirit of creation, one that anyone could enter and leave with a sense of deeper connection to the environment.

The Plant Room in Manly, offered a curated selection of indoor plants alongside handmade furniture, ceramics, artworks and vintage pieces, sourced from like minded makers all over the world.

Born from a spirit of growth and a curiosity about the wonders of nature, The Plant Room fosters connection. It has evolved into a space for workshops, talks and events that inspire the community to connect with plants, nature and themselves, with a vision to help expand consciousness.


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